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JOPUX is a Linux-distribution and family of free open source Linux appliances, built on openSUSE and Gnome on 64-bits architecture, and designed for quickly setup and running Linux on servers and desktops.

With a fully documented library of resources, JOPUX allows the customization of every aspect of a Linux installation and cloning, including administration and the rapid integration with third-party applications.

JOPUX provides more developer power while making the user experience all the more friendly. For those who always wanted increased extensibility, JOPUX can make this happen!

Welcome explore and utilize the JOPUX family of appliances:

Appliance Foundation Community PlusDB Platform(s) Type
JOPUX Core x     Core & Basic Template
JOPUX Basic Workstation x x x Core & Basic Desktop
JOPUX Basic Server x x x Core & Basic Server
JOPUX Basic Workbench x x x Core & Basic Desktop
JOPUX Integration Server x   x Integration Server
JOPUX BigData Server x     BigData Server
JOPUX Application Server x   x Application Server Server
JOPUX ECM Server x   x ECM Server
JOPUX BPM Server x   x BPM Server
JOPUX BI Server x   x BI Server